Vortex Engineering Membrane Converting Line Card

A Leader in the Web Handling Equipment Industry

We have over 40 years of experience designing and building customized solutions for the web handling and converter machine industry. Our machines are built to last and provide a consistent yield throughout the life cycle of the machines. We build to your specifications and unique requirements.

Customer Training and Support

Our complete package includes full training on site in the operation of the equipment, environmental concerns, and shipping and installation worldwide.  We support international customers with power transformers that can change standard US voltages to mimic any electrical grid in the world.

Repair and Upgrade Service

We also repair and modify coating and casting machines and subsystems for other web handling equipment. Subsystems can range from simple parts such as individual rollers or tanks to knife-casting equipment.

40 Years of Leadership in Coating and Casting Machines – The Vortex Engineering Story

Vortex Engineering has been involved in reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing since 1975. We began by partnering with early pioneers in the membrane field, combining years of engineering and design knowledge with our reputation for superior quality in metal fabrication.

Vortex Engineering is familiar with the newest and latest casting and coating technologies in the membrane manufacturing process.

We have been instrumental in developing various pilot size coating and casting systems for research and development of a range of polymer based membranes. These research machines are capable of a wide variety of membrane paths through drying chambers and solution baths to optimize the membranes’ capabilities.

As the membrane technology has continued to develop and become more advanced, our focus on continuous improvement have enabled us to improve our casting and coating machines in both complexity and with innovative technology. We have developed a highly precise casting trough that allows micro adjustments to the membrane thickness. Our attention to precision is recognized in the industry as second to none.

Vortex Engineering has worked with a number of polymer and coating techniques hand in hand with customers to develop processes and build equipment to fit their needs.

In our ongoing efforts to improve the coating machines that we offered, a great amount of engineering went into optimizing the membrane drying oven, and we were also involved in the developmental work surrounding a slot die coater bar for the application of the hydrocarbon solution.

Vortex Engineering has supplied superior casting and coating machines for industry leading companies in the U.S. and worldwide, including China, India, Europe, and Russia. Our expertise is building to precise customer specifications and to continually improve the machines that are built to our standard design.

Vortex Engineering has partnership agreements with consultants/experts with many years of hands on experience in membrane technologies. They have a turnkey expertise in manufacturing setup, including plant design/layout, casting and coating processes, assembling modules, testing modules, and training staff. We can offer many different types of membranes: UF, NF and various types of reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes.

All machines Vortex builds are fully assembled in our facility and operationally tested. We understand the criticalness of precise web alignment, consistent temperature control, and accurate tension and drive control. Our machines enable our customers to produce a membrane that meets the tolerances required at a molecular level, and they demonstrate our engineering and attention to detail in the fabrication process.



Evolution of machinery

We continue to evolve our design based on customer feedback and our commitment to continuous improvement. We look forward to working with your team to craft a machine that fits your unique specifications and is backed by a forty-year legacy of quality, precision, and durability.